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Terms & Conditions 



Esparza’s Containers is a family owned and operated business focused on shipping container sales, rentals, repairs, canopy installs and modifications. With four locations across the West Coast, Esparza’s provides as-is and modified containers varying from storage space to portable offices as well as custom builds. The company was started in 2006 by former oil miner, Joe Esparza.


Over the years, Esparza’s Containers has served thousands of customers such as local residents, small businesses, the greater construction industry, Fortune 500 companies. The family’s focus is to provide reliable steel shipping containers as a solution for a variety of needs. Whether it’s used as a garage, home office or storage, the Esparza’s will work to find a solution that’s unique to the customer and at a competitive price. 


All containers are inspected before delivery and the business has a network of 5-star delivery companies that share the same vision – to provide honest and excellent customer service. 

Invoices and Estimates​ 

Invoices and estimates are valid for seven (7) business days and are subject to availability. ​


All payments are due upon receipt of invoice, unless otherwise stated. Customers have the option of paying via cash, cashier's check, credit card and bank transfer. Checks returned for any reason will incur a $25 return check fee. Credit cards are subject to a 3-4% convenience fee. If paying by card, customers are required to complete a credit authorization form and include a copy of photo ID. The person purchasing the container must be present at time of product/service delivery. Customers paying via bank transfer will not have products/services released to them until funds have cleared. If payment is sent by mail, Esparza’s Containers, Inc. highly recommends sending USPS certified mail.

Customers are also responsible for including a tracking # to their sales representative to avoid incurring late fees. 

In the event that payment should default by any means, Esparza’s Containers, Inc. reserves the right to pursue legal action after 60 days of nonpayment. If purchased under a business, the business assumes responsiblity for the items purchased and will be held liable for all charges, including late fees that ensue.


Purchase Orders

Purchase orders may be accepted at Esparza’s Containers, Inc.’s discretion on 30, 60 and 90 day terms. PO’s must be made out to Esparza’s Containers, Inc., and must be paid in full based on the net payment schedule signed on the delivery receipt. In the event that payment is not received on the agreed payment schedule stated on accepted terms, Esparza’s Containers, Inc. reserves the right to charge an additional $200.00 late fee. Additional fees may apply at owners discretion every seven (7) days. Esparza’s Containers, Inc. reserves the right to repossess any product/service rendered that they have not received payment for and additional fees for pick-up will apply depending on mileage and time spent on repossession. If there are any issues please be sure to communicate such in order to avoid incurring late fees.

​Container Condition

On the order details shared in the invoice or estimate, the type of container that customer orders will be mentioned. There are two types of containers that we sell. One type will be “used” and one type will be “one trip”.

“USED” Containers will have varying levels of visible surface rust, dings, patches and dents. We recommend to pressure wash and paint your container to extend its life. They are between 10-15 years old.

“ONE TRIP” Containers have been carried over the ocean at least once and then placed into container depots, meaning that they might have small dings and dents. They are between 1-3 years old.

Warranty does not cover the cosmetic appearance. By purchasing a container from Esparza’s Containers, Inc., buyer agrees and is aware that all containers are used and are not limited to having normal use tear of dents, rust, dings, scratches, etc. 


Container Delivery/Transports/Relocation

​It is the customer's duty to ensure that the drop off location is ready for delivery or risk being billed for standby time at the rate stated below. Container locations should be on a flat and level and dry surface, preferable gravel, asphalt, compacted dirt or concrete. If you want to drop it on the ground, please be aware of the weight of the container and if the area accumulates water as the unit can settle in over time. 

Please make us aware of gates or security access, extra weight, excess mileage, dirt roads or rough conditions. Additional charges may be assessed if not notified while placing the order. Heavy machinery is required to deliver and position containers. Esparza’s Containers, Inc. (ECI) is not responsible for any damage to utilities, irrigation, landscape, driveways, culverts and all other objects in the path of delivery. 

Customer ensures that there will be adequate space to drop off the container. ​All delivery rates are based on an unload time of 30 minutes or less, from the time of the truck's arrival to the departure of the truck. Customer agrees to pay $100 per hour, billed at 15-minute increments for any additional time. This includes times for being on standby, unloading, leveling, maneuvering into tight locations, flipping containers, etc. 

Failure to deliver -​ ​If we are unable to deliver because the site is not ready, the location is too tight, etc. or if the customer refuses the container the customer will still be liable for the delivery rate. If for any reason the customer received free delivery, they will be liable for a $150 trip fee. If the truck leaves and delivery must be rescheduled a second delivery rate will be assessed. 

Delivery Cancelation - We require at least 24-hour notice of cancellation. If the customer does not notify us and we show up for delivery as scheduled, the customer will still be liable for the delivery rate. If for any reason the customer received free delivery and they cancel the order without prior notice the customer will still be liable to pay a fee of $150. A second delivery rate will be applied if we are required to make a second trip. It is the customers responsibility to make sure that both the pick-up and drop-off locations are ready for the truck before scheduling a container transports. The customer must ensure that there is a clear and direct path to the load/container and that there is adequate space for the truck and trailer to pick up the load/container. The customer agrees to pay the agreed upon rate for any standby time.


If the load/container is unable to be placed where the customer wants, the customer must have an alternate location to place the load/container. If the customer does not have an alternate location we will haul the container back to the pick-up location and continue to bill at the agreed upon rate. If the load/container is unable to be placed back at the pick-up location it will be hauled back to our yard and stored at a rate of $35 per day. If the transport was unable to be completed, but an attempt was made the customer will still be billed the two-hour minimum. 

Positioning -We will do our best to position the container where the customer wants. If the location is tight and the customer wants us to attempt entering the drop off location, the customer will not hold Esparza’s Containers, Inc. liable for any damage caused to fences, concrete, buildings, walls, trees, bushes, etc. Furthermore, the customer assumes full responsibility if we are required to go off road onto dirt, sand, gravel, etc. and become stuck. In the event the truck is to become stuck, the customer is financially responsible to provide a tow truck or recovery truck at their expense. The customer will also be responsible to pay for standby time while the truck is stuck. The customer acknowledges that the use of heavy equipment is required and does not hold Esparza’s Containers, Inc. liable for any damages such as broken concrete, broken fences, oil spills, tire marks, etc. 

Transports - All transports will be charged a two-hour minimum. One hundred percent of the estimated time is due up front before a driver is dispatched. The customer also acknowledges that transports are billed gate to gate, meaning that billing time will start when we leave our location and stop when we return to our location. We will require payment to be made up front with valid payment information. If paying by card, the credit card info will be held on file until the transport is complete. Customer has the option to pay the remaining amount (if any) with credit card info provided, or cash which can be given to the driver. Customer also acknowledges that we require 24 hours cancellation notice. If we are not given notice 24 hours prior to scheduled time, the credit card on file will be billed for the two-hour minimum. By scheduling a transport, the customer acknowledges that he/she fully understands and accepts the terms stated above and release Esparza’s Containers, Inc. and its employees of any liability. 


​All custom containers require a 50% deposit before any modifications can begin and the balance is due upon completion and prior to delivery. All modification parts are special order items and/or built to order. If a customer wishes to cancel before we begin cutting the container, but after parts have been ordered and/or built they will still be charged for those items. If the container has already begun to be modified the customer will be unable to cancel his/her order. Cutting holes/openings onto the container will void all guarantees stating the container is wind and water tight. ​

Container Canopies

​All container canopy products are special order and can not be canceled, returned or exchanged once an order has been placed. Canopies are backed by a 10 year manufactures pro-rated warranty when properly maintained and installed. A copy of Container Canopy's complete warranty document is available upon request. It is the purchaser's responsibility to check with the prevailing authority on whether a permit is needed. Esparza’s Containers, Inc. does not provide any written or implied warranty, engineering or permitting for the canopies.

Lifetime Support

Thank you again for choosing Esparza’s Containers, Inc. as your container supplier. With that comes a lifetime of perks:

  • Online support is available 24/7

  • Phone support is available Monday through Friday from 8-4 p.m.

  • DIY videos on how to maintain the container

  • DIY videos on how to fix any future issues with the container

  • Assistance with recommendations on where to buy specific items for you container 

  • Available online shop with accessories for your shipping container

    • Roll-up Door

    • Lockbox

    • Window Frames

Lifetime Warranty for Leaks

Purchaser is aware that all containers are guaranteed to be wind and water tight for up to one year from the date of delivery unless it has  been relocated or modified. If the container begins to leak within one year, we will provide an industry approved container patch with instructions on how to attach the patch. The patches are manufactured out of extremely durable fiberglass reinforced polyester fabric and bonds to all surfaces except Polypropylene (PP). It’s flexible to apply and dries solid. All repairs can be drilled, sanded and painted in less than an hour. 

The container will not be exchanged for another unit. If a leak causes damage to the contents stored within the container as a result of a leak the purchaser acknowledges and agrees that the seller shall have no liability to purchaser for any claim, loss or damage caused or alleged to have been caused directly, indirectly, incidentally or consequentially by the equipment, or by any inadequacy thereof or deficiency or defect therein, or by any incident whatsoever in connection therewith whether arising in strict liability or otherwise. Under no circumstances shall seller be liable hereunder for any lost profits or for special, consequential or exemplary damages, even if seller has been advised of the possibility of such damages. 

10 Year Frame Warranty

This warranty covers the frame of the container under normal storage use. If the container is relocated or modified the warranty is void. In addition doors, seals, floors, gaskets, rust and smell are not covered by the warranty. 


Purchaser will defend at its own expense and indemnify and hold harmless seller, its agent, employees and indemnities from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, Liabilities, demands, actions, costs, expenses and fees (including attorneys’ fees) arising out of, or in connection with, the sale of the equipment to purchaser or any subsequent use, operation or disposition of the equipment.

By receiving delivery of the equipment purchased, buyer understands and agrees to the container's condition as presented and delivered.

Buyer understands and agrees that all sales are final. No refunds and exchanges are available after the equipment is delivered.


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